SRA Fire Prevention Fee

In 2011 the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection voted to adopt regulations to implement a fee mandated by the California Legislature. The California Board of Equalization, who is invoicing the bill, has begun sending out notices. The State Responsibility Area (SRA) bill, which will be separate from your property tax bill, will be used for fire prevention services and programs provided by the state, not local agencies.


Fast Facts

The fee is entitled the State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Benefit Fee.

Most of the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (RSFFPD) lies on SRA land.

This is a mandatory annual fee of $152.33 per habitable structure. A $35 credit per habitable structure will be given to those who live on SRA lands but pay for fire protection from a second agency, such as the RSFFPD.

The state will determine habitable structures based on the County Assessor rolls or the records of the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Individual owners of habitable structures located on lands or parcels that lie within California's designated SRA will pay this fee. (Determine if your property lies within the SRA.)

The state will use the money to fund a variety of fire prevention activities on SRA land.

The money remains at the state level. It will not be distributed to or used by local agencies.


Additional information and resources can be found at:

Additional questions regarding the SRA Fire Prevention Benefit Fee maybe directed to:

Fire Prevention Fee Service Center
P.O. Box 2254
Suisun City, CA 94585

Additional questions regarding payments related to your SRA Fire Prevention Benefit Fee Bill may be directed to:

State Board of Equalization
P.O. Box 942879
Sacramento, CA 94279